Our Company

Karl Rabofsky GmbH is a machine manufacturing company and was founded in Berlin-Germany in 1896. Our major activity is the design and production of pleating lines for the food, automotive and textile industry as well as for the health-care system. The most popular products being manufactured by our pleating lines are air filters, airbags, sun blinds and safety bellows. Our filter pleating machines have already been manufactured for almost 60 years and continously maintained for our customers. World wide are approximately 2,500 Rabofsky pleating lines in use. For this purpose Rabofsky supports a specific service network.

Karl Rabofsky GmbH in Berlin

Rabofsky sees itself as pioneer and technology market leader for pleating solutions. Again and again our company has succeed in accepting important tasks from our customers and transform them into high level quality solutions. This forceful development has been worthwhile just during the last years: No other company like Rabofsky has filed so many patents for sophisticated pleating solutions and has gone so often beyond technological boundaries in this time.

In doing so we have set phantastic world records during the last years. Thus Rabofsky is the only vendor of the world for years offering a knife pleating machine with a speed of more than 300 pleats per minute. Furthermore Rabofsky is the only supplier world wide offering by default a knife pleating machine with a working width of 3,200 mm (about 126 inches). These records have had a monumental influance on the performance and quality of our product range. Nevertheless we have no fear to compare our prices with those of our European competitors. Moreover we are able to offer delivery times of less than 8 weeks for our standard products.

Our website was created with plenty of dedication. However it can present you, dear reader, only a first impression of our business activities because of the variety of our products. Please don't hesitate to contact us by telling us more about your daily problems, because slogan is: ”RABOFSKY TAKES CARE OF YOUR PLEATS”.